About Us

Leg Shield, LLC was started by two brothers in 2011, we are cyclists/runners and we carefully designed each of our products to the highest quality and with the best materials. We use our own products all the time. 

We are based in Denver, our products were designed in the U.S. and are made in Taiwan. Our philosophy is to be honest, fair, and long-term oriented with our customers, suppliers, partners, etc.  

Our Story

We are cyclists and for years have dealt with our pants getting greasy and caught in the chain. We tried the usual things but felt they were not a great solution. So, we created a Leg Shield and loved it, finally an effective and worry free solution. After months designing, testing the product, and creating over twenty prototypes, the Leg Shield was finished. 

Later we noticed that many reflective bands had minimal reflective material, often a thin strip, probably due to the high costs. They were not that comfortable as well. We designed our own reflective bands with a large reflective area and used neoprene which is flexible and comfortable.