Reflective Ankle Bands

Reflective Ankle Bands

Reflective Ankle Bands at night

Reflective Ankle Bands at night

Designed with one of the largest Reflective Surface Areas: 1.8 inches in width versus .5 to 1.4 for competing bands and 360 degrees. Very bright and visible from at least 750 feet. Excellent for biking, running, and walking. 


High-Quality & Durable

  • Most bands have a small amount of reflective material because it's expensive. We spent more to have a large reflective area, which greatly increases visibility.
  • Made with a thin layer of Neoprene which is soft, lightweight, and stretches for a secure fit and stays in place
  • The Hook and Loop Fastener Straps allow easy on/off, stay secure, and can withstand heavy usage
  • Made with strong stitching which will last
  • Last longer than cheap bands

Bike Pant Protection
Keeps pants away from bike chain. Stays in place and is secure unlike other straps/clips that slip down or come apart. Reversible with black side.

Pant Garter for Fly Fishing and Hunting
Keeps pants in place when putting on and wearing waders and boots

Ankle Band Details

  • Dimensions: 13.5 by 1.9 inches. Neoprene is 2mm thick
  • Hand wash and line dry only
  • Each order includes 2 bands
  • Makes a great gift

Universal Size
Fits most adults. Fits ankle sizes between 7.5-12.5 inches in circumference, not including pants. If you have large ankles or plan to wear over heavy/multiple layers, the ankle bands may be too short, please measure beforehand. If you have small ankles, our Wristbands may be a better fit for your ankles, measure beforehand.


Solid 3-Year Guarantee


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does your reflective material compare with 3M Scotchlite?

A: When we designed the bands we compared our material with 3M samples side by side, and they were just as bright. We would have used 3M if it was better.

Q: A little bit of the reflective material is peeling off, can I fix that?

A:  Occasionally a portion of the reflective material wasn’t entirely attached. It’s very easy to attach, put a regular iron on a low setting and press directly on the reflective material for a few seconds. However, definitely contact us if it’s more than a small amount or you don’t want to iron it on, we will replace it for you. 

Q: What is the 3-Year Guarantee?

A: If the bands do not last 3 years we will replace it for free. Specifically, the stitching should not unravel, the hook & loop (Velcro) should hold well, the neoprene should hold up, and the reflective material shouldn't peel off. Please email or call us with any problems, we typically send a replacement in a couple of days. 

Q: How should I clean and care for the bands? 

A: Hand wash with cold water and line dry. Best to store away from the sun. 


Large Order Discount

Order directly with us and get a discount on orders of 25 or more. Contact us for details.