Velcro Design 

Made with three Velcro straps (unlike traditional gaiters) making them very easy to put on and take off and adjusts for a very comfortable and snug fit. 

Top-Rated Gaiter in Adventure Digest

Used For

Outdoor activities, hiking, biking or mountain biking, thin or sensitive skin, yard work, hunting, and general protection for the lower leg.


Not designed to cover boots and ankle area. The gaiters can get warm, wearing it slightly loose will make it feel cooler.


- Made with Neoprene which is flexible, durable, and allows for a snug fit around your leg and stays in place. Nylon exterior.

-Windproof and Water Resistant (basically Waterproof although a little water may come through the stitching area).

- Has three premium Velcro straps which fit securely and can withstand heavy usage, yet are easy to tear off.

- Made with strong zig-zag stitching.

Product Details

- Designed to be worn on either leg

- Product Dimensions: 11.5 inches tall and the neoprene is 2mm thick

- Hand wash and line dry only

- Each order contains two gaiters

- Solid 5-Year Guarantee

- Comes with minimal packaging

Universal Size

Fits most adults. Fits calf sizes between 11.5-18 inches (29-46 cm). Measure the circumference at the widest part of the calf.

Featured in...

Adventure Digest


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can they be used for fragile or compromised skin conditions?

A: Yes, many customers tell us they love them for this reason since they work well, are comfortable, and easy to  put on and take off.

Q:  Are the Gaiters Waterproof?

A: Yes, essentially. Neoprene is waterproof, however, a very small amount of water may be able to penetrate the neoprene through the stitching.

Q:  Is there a left and right model? Or do you receive two identical gaiters?

A: They are identical and fit either leg.

Q: Will the Gaiters get warm? How can I make them feel cooler?

A: They can get warm. Wearing the Gaiters slightly loose will increase airflow and make it feel cooler. 

Q: What is the 5-Year Guarantee?

A: If the Gaiters do not not last 5 years we will replace it for free. Specifically, the stitching should not unravel, the Velcro should hold well, and the neoprene should hold up. Please email or call us with any problems, we typically send a replacement in a couple of days. 

Q: How should I clean and care for the Gaiters?

A: Hand wash with cold water and line dry. Best to store away from the sun. 

Large Order Discount

Order directly with us and get a discount on orders of 10 or more. Contact us for details.